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Empowering Bangladesh’s Power Landscape Since 1999

At PSDC, we take pride in our extensive journey of powering progress since our inception in 1999. Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions has made us a trusted name, contributing significantly to the development of Bangladesh's power infrastructure.

PSDC is involved in EPC business in BPDB, PGCB, APSCL & IPP. Most of our clients are from Power plant & Substations. Our main business area is EPC of HV Substation & Transmission line, Underground Cable, Upgradation and retrofit of Distributed Control System (DCS) & Supply of Spares in Substation and Power plant, ITC of HFO & Solar Plant.


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Comprehensive Solutions Tailored to Your High Voltage Requirements

High voltage substation

Utilize our expertise in designing and implementing cutting-edge substations to meet the increasing demand for reliable power.

Kishoreganj 400kV Transmisison Line
High voltage transmission line

Efficiently transporting power across vast distances, our high voltage transmission lines form the backbone of reliable energy distribution.

Underground cable

Beneath the surface, our underground cables silently and reliably deliver power, offering a discreet and space-efficient solution for urban areas.

Distributed control system ( DCS)

our Distributed Control System (DCS) seamlessly orchestrates complex processes, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Additional Services

We Also Offer

Beyond our core offerings, we provide a spectrum of additional services to amplify your experience with PSDC. From comprehensive feasibility studies and custom training programs to on-demand technical support, our commitment extends to delivering holistic solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Explore the added value of our services and let PSDC be your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of the evolving energy landscape. Oue extended Services are:

Why Choose Us

Unveiling the Reasons Behind Our Pinnacle Position in Bangladesh's Power Sector

Proven Excellence

With nearly two decades of experience, PSDC has consistently delivered high-quality solutions, earning the trust of clients through a track record of successful projects.

Tailored Solutions

Our client-centric approach ensures that every solution is customized to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing a personalized and effective response to their challenges.

Skilled and Dedicated Team

Our success is attributed to a team of professionals dedicated to excellence. Highly skilled and committed, our team ensures the success of every project, no matter the scale or complexity.

Innovation Leadership

Stay ahead with PSDC as we embrace the latest advancements in high voltage technology, offering innovative solutions that optimize performance and reliability.

Reliability in Every Connection

At PSDC, reliability is non-negotiable. Our commitment to seamless project execution and dependable services ensures a robust and enduring partnership.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond project delivery, PSDC provides ongoing support, ensuring our clients are equipped with the knowledge and assistance needed for the continued success of their high voltage power systems.

Our Noteworthy Collaborations

At PSDC, our journey is marked by impactful collaborations with esteemed companies, contributing to the success of diverse projects in the high voltage power sector. Some of our valued partners include:

ABB Pte Ltd
Hyosung Heavy Ind.
LS Cable & System
Hitachi Energy